About us

Our passion

At AVANCA® everything is about smartphones, tablets and laptops. We develop accessories for all mobile devices. We are passionate about good design, but products really have to work too. And we are not looking for just standard functionality. We get really excited if we can be innovative. Let’s compare it to buying an expensive sports car. You would probably not purchase one if it cannot accelarate form 0 to 100 km/hr within 5 seconds. What if this car, besides its speed, also rides on electricity and looks totally cool? Wouldn’t that be the great? We think it would. Functional innovations with a good design, that is what AVANCA® is about!

From living room to small office to international head quarters

We are a Dutch company, but we are working international. In 2008 our first product was brought to the market: the AVANCA® (at that time called ‘Cricket’) laptop stand. Back in those days our ‘office’ was located in the living room. That living room is already changed five times for bigger offices.

The laptop stand got company from hundreds of other products and we opened offices in the UK and Hong Kong. We are the fastest growing hardware company in Europe, Africa and the Middle-East. We are growing, everyday. But our passion for entrepreneurship and finding good products remains and we did not lose the vibe we had back then in that living room. And we don’t want to either. It’s something we cherish.


AVANCA® is the brand of Avanca International. ‘International’ is not a word we added to our company name just because ‘it looks cool’. We are really international. We are looking for good products and great ideas anywhere in the world. We work with a network of distributors, suppliers and creatives around the globe. Our products are sold world wide through our carefully selected and trustworthy partners.


Of that, we have a lot! But mostly, we have a desire to:
– Develop more functional innovations and bring those innovations to the market.
– Create a sustainable and responsible business.
– Offer a platform where talented designers can showcase their innovative product ideas.
– Do you want to know more about AVANCA®? Or are you interested in a partnership? Don’t hesitate to contact us!