3D carbon fiber film for iPhone 4


Ultrathin carbon fiber film with unique diamond 3D look for iPhone 4/4S. Available in 4 different colors.

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With this 3D carbon fiber film, especially developed for iPhone 4/4S, you protect your iPhone and give it a glamorous look. This stylish accessory truly makes your iPhone stand out from the crowd.

The carbon fiber film has a unique 3D look. The ultra thin (200 um) film protects the back as well as the sides of your device from scratches. For a stylish finishing touch both the aluminium edges of the iPhone and the Apple logo remain visible. Smart openings leave functions for camera, volume control, audio and charging completely free.

To apply the carbon film to your iPhone, remove the protective layar and carefully align the film with your device. When you have properly aligned the film, lightly press it to glue it to your iPhone (adhesive strength 1600g/25mm). Thanks to advanced airtrack technology air bubbles are eliminated and the carbon film forms a second skin around the device. The 3D carbon fiber film can be removed easily and will leave no marks to the iPhone.

The 3D carbon fiber film is available in 4 attractive colors: classy black, soft white, warm red and modern blue.


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