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Keep your ears warm and listen to your favorite music! These completely wireless Bluetooth Audio Earmuffs are a must have for the winter. Available in three stylish colors.

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The Avanca Bluetooth Audio Earmuffs combine fashion and technology in a unique way. These stylish earmuffs keep your ears warm and at the same time you can listen to your favorite music without the hassle of loose wires getting in the way. A must have for the cold winter months!

High quality sound and easy to use

With the Bluetooth 4.1 connection you can connect your smartphone, iPod or other Bluetooth-enabled devices easily to the earmuffs. You don’t need any additional software. Traffic and city sounds are reduced to a minimum, thanks to the careful design, which offers you an outstanding quality sound. One touch on the control panel, that is mounted on the ear lets you skip tracks, adjust the volume and answer incoming calls. The Avanca Bluetooth Earmuffs are completely symmetrical, allowing you to decide whether you want to wear the control panel on your left or right ear. The earmuffs switch automatically from music to call mode when someone is trying to reach you. The earmuffs are equipped with a high-quality microphone, so there is no need to take off the headset to answer your calls.

Up to 8 hours of non-stop music

Are you stranded on a train station this winter or going on a skiing trip for a day? No worries, the rechargeable battery of the Avanca Bluetooth Earmuffs lasts 8 hours and guarantees hours of audio pleasure. When the battery is empty, you can recharge quickly and easily through the included micro-USB cable.

Choose between 3 colors

The earmuffs are made of soft polyester and enriched with classy and comfortable cream coloured imitation-fur. They keep your ears warm during the cold winter days. The Avanca Bluetooth Audio Earmuffs are available in classic black, and in trend colours fuchsia-pink and chestnut-brown.


Lily Tjon

I am wearing these Avanca earmuffs every single day when I go into the cold, it keeps my ears so nicely warm, while listening to my favorite tracks on Spotify.

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