C1 Mono Headset


This award-winning headset is indispensable for anyone making calls while driving. The Avanca C1 Mono Headset combines a Bluetooth speaker and microphone with a car charger in an eye catching cylindrical housing.

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Comfortable and wireless

The Avanca C1 Mono Headset comes with two sizes of silicone in-ear tips to offer a customizable and comfortable fit. Bluetooth 4.1 technology enables you to connect the headset to any smartphone. The tiny mono headset has a built-in microphone, enabling you to make handsfree phone calls. Advanced echo and bi-directional noise cancellation reduce ambient noise to a minimum and enable you to speak at a normal volume.

The C1 Mono Headset can connect to two devices at the same time, making it the perfect solution for anyone using a private and business phone.

Premium finishing and design

The minimalistic, cylindrical housing of the Avanca C1 Mono Headset is made of anodized aluminum and durable PVC. The beautiful and sophisticated design has been awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2016. You can choose between three wonderful colors: black, silver or champagne.

2-in-1 car charger

The Avanca C1 Mono Headset is equipped with a 2-in-1 car charger. Place the charger into the 12-volt accessory outlet (cigarette lighter) of your car and recharge the headset on-the-go. The 2-in-1 charging plug also provides a USB port to charge your mobile device while driving, making sure your smartphone will never run out of power.

2 in 1 autolader

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