Avanca Minim True Wireless Earbuds


Listen to your favorite songs, stay effortlessly connected and say goodbye to tangled cables. The ultralight award-winning Avanca Minim Wireless Earbuds are truly wireless, giving you 100% freedom of movement.

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True wireless earbuds


The Avanca Minim Wireless Earbuds are the perfect blend of design, craftsmanship and audio quality. These award-winning earbuds are completely free from cords. Enjoy your favorite music without distracting cables, answer incoming calls without putting your phone to your ear and have your voice-activated digital assistant at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime.

The cutting-edge true wireless stereo (TWS) technology of the Avanca Minim enables you to use your mobile device with one (mono) or two (stereo) earbuds. It’s up to you!

Superior stereo sound


The Avanca Minim Wireless Earbuds are engineered with a superior wireless connectivity solution and equipped with the latest generation CSR® Bluetooth 4.2 chipset to ensure an impeccable performance. Combined with first-class speaker drivers and a balanced frequency curve these earbuds produce the warm and full stereo sound you are looking for when listening to your favorite playlist. Whether you are a fan of jazz, pop or house music, these earbuds are up to the task.


They work flawlessly with music apps such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and Groove. The single touch control button enables you to change the volume and to skip or rewind songs without the need to take out your phone from your bag, purse or pocket.

Fashion meets technology

true wireless earbuds

The elegant, outstanding design of these true wireless earbuds has been recognized through the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2017. The eye-catching casing in beautiful metallic black or silver complemented by brushed aluminium details make the Avanca Minim Wireless Earbuds a refined everyday accessory for those who embrace mobile lifestyle and are looking for the best true wireless stereo sound experience without sacrificing aesthetics.

Superb fit

The Avanca Minim Wireless Earbuds come with soft silicone in-ear tips in two different sizes for a superb and comfortable fit for everyone. The in-ear tips have been crafted to perfection so the earbuds are held in place by your ears alone.

true wireless earbuds

The shape of the earbuds, the diagonal cut of the in-ear tips and the ultralight design make sure the Avanca Minim Wireless Earbuds never fall out of your ears. A single earbud is equipped with a ton of state of the art technology, yet only weighs 4.5g/0.16oz. You barely feel you are carrying the earbuds inside your ears.

The perfect fit of the Avanca Minim Wireless Earbuds creates passive noise cancelation. Sounds of traffic and voices will be reduced to a minimum, giving you an optimal balance of the best sound experience and awareness of what’s going on around you.

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Crystal clear calls

The single-touch control button of the Avanca Minim Wireless Earbuds allows you to answer (or ignore) incoming phone calls directly from the earbud. cVc® technology – which stands for “Clear Voice Capture” – reduces ambient noise to a minimum, so the person on the other side of the line can clearly hear you. You are able to speak at a normal volume and encryption keeps your calls completely safe within the entire 10 meters / 33 feet Bluetooth operating range.

Store and charge

true wireless earbuds

The Avanca Minim Wireless Earbuds come with a stylish storage and charging capsule. This beautiful aluminium housing not only protects your earbuds while not in use, it also holds a charging unit with a 400mAh battery. Simply place the earbuds in the capsule and they will be charged on the go. The charging capsule provides up to 3 full charges, which equals no less than 12 hours of audio time!

The charging capsule of the Avanca Minim Wireless Earbuds is smaller and lighter than a saltshaker and easily fits into a bag, purse or pocket.

Voice control compatible

The Avanca Minim Wireless Earbuds are compatible with the world’s most popular voice-activated digital assistants such as Siri, Google Now and Cortana. The single-touch control button allows you to activate your digital assistant in a matter of seconds and you’ll be able to ask for directions, send a WhatsApp message or to call an Uber, all 100% hands free.

Join the true wireless movement!

If you are ready to be part of the true wireless revolution, then now is the time. You can get your hands on a pair of Avanca Minim Wireless Earbuds for only 99 euros for a limited amount of time on Amazon. Act fast, because when they are gone, they are gone.

true wireless earbuds

Technical specifications

  • Bluetooth version: 4.2 + BR/EDR
  • Bluetooth range: 10 meters / 32 feet
  • Rechargeable battery earbud: 60mAh
  • Rechargeable battery charging capsule: 400mAh
  • Charging time earbuds: 1.5 hours
  • Charging time capsule: < 2 hours
  • Audio time single charge: up to 4 hours
  • Talking time single charge: up to 4.5 hours
  • Audio time with charging capsule: up to 12 hours
  • Talking time with charging capsule: up to 13.5 hours
  • Standby time with charging capsule: up to 40 hours
  • Speaker dimension: Ø6mm
  • Product weight: 4.5g / 0.16oz (single earbud)
  • Product size: 23.6 x 16.5 x 26.7mm / 0.93 x 0.64 x 1.05” (single earbud)

What others say about the Avanca Minim True Wireless Earbuds

Lub Snoek

With a retail price of 99 euros, the Minim offers good sound and more control options than, for example, the AirPods. The presence of a case that can charge the set is not self-evident in this price range and the ease of use of the connection is also very good in relation to the price.

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Lub Snoek Computer! Totaal

With a retail price of 99 euros, the Avanca Minim is significantly cheaper than competitors such as BeatsX (150 euros), Apple AirPods (179 euros) and Jabra Elite Sports (249 euros), but that’s not at the expense of sound quality. If you are looking for good, affordable and truly wireless earbuds, the Minim is a great choice. Especially for active users, thanks to the in-ear tips that prevents from falling out during sports and have a nice fit.

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Gijs Ettes iPhoned


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