Sports Belt


The best solution to store and carry your smartphone, key and personal items with you during running, fitness or other sports. Lightweight and flexible with non-bounce technology for maximum comfort. Compatible with all smartphones.

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An active and healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. With hundreds of (free) programs, apps and fitness wearables it’s easier than ever to keep track of your progress, set goals and workout whenever and wherever you want. But running with your smartphone in your hand is not that comfortable. And where do you leave your expensive device when you want to do your burpees or push ups? The Avanca Sports Belt is the fitness and running belt that offers you the perfect solution.

Slip and zip

Easily slip the things you want to take with you into the master compartment of the belt. A smartphone, your membership card of the gym, or an energy bar to accompany you during long workouts, the Avanca Sports Belt has plenty of space! The compartment is large enough to carry any smartphone, including phablet-sized devices such iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 or LG G5. Inside the belt there is a separate key pocket, which makes it easy to store your keys safe, without scratching the screen of your smartphone.

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The Avanca Sports Belt is made of splash and sweat resistant materials, so even during a heavy workout your belongings will be protected.

Mix and match

The smooth zip closes the pocket of the belt to keep your belongings safe. The zip is offered in a variety of colors: black, white, yellow and pink. Combine the Sports Belt with the matching Avanca D1 Sports Headset if you want to listen to audio coaching or music during your workout without tangled wires getting in your way. If you prefer to connect an audio cable you simply use the cable opening in the Sports Belt.


Sports Belt

Non-bounce technology

When you are ready to start your exercise, you just click the Avanca Sports Belt around your waist or hips. The belt can easily be adjusted in size, so it always fits comfortably.

The Avanca Sports Belt is made of the finest materials, so you hardly feel you’re wearing the belt. Thanks to the non-bounce technology the Sports Belt and your personal belongings stay firmly in place.


  • Ultralight (58g) waist belt for running, fitness and other sports
  • Ideal solution to take your smartphone, money, cards and energy bars or gels with you during a workout
  • Seperate key pocket inside the belt to take your keys safely with you during a workout
  • Opening to connect your audio cable to your smartphone
  • Non-bounce technology and adjustable stretch strap with belt buckle for optimal fit
  • Solid zipper in attractive color(s) to match any outfit
  • Washable (cold temperature), do not tumble dry of iron
  • Compatible with all smartphones


Yvonne van Haastregt

Super convenient and most user-friendly. At first, you might have to get used to wearing this sports belt, but after the second workout you won’t feel the belt anymore.

Yvonne van Haastregt FitDutchies
Lynn Quanjel

Like every other phone addict, I like to keep my phone close. Now I scored a little sports belt where I can keep my gym card, phone and locker key. Awesome.

Lynn Quanjel Who Is That Blonde

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