ToughGlass Nude for smartphones


The best choice for the complete protection of your iPhone. The tempered 3D glass and transparent case protect your iPhone from edge to edge against scratches or a shattered screen. Designed for iPhone 6(S) and iPhone 7(S).

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You use your smartphone carefully. And yet, somehow, it slips out of your hand, drops off the table or you simply forget your keys are in the same pocket as your – often brand new – mobile device. The consequences? A broken, shattered or scratched screen up to 150 euros of repair costs, and too many hours or even days without being able to use your phone while you are waiting for the screen to get fixed.

Complete protection

Avoid high repair costs and frustrations with Avanca ToughGlass Nude. Avanca ToughGlass Nude forms a second skin around your iPhone and offers complete protection for your device. The screen is protected with top quality tempered Japanese glass. The ultra-thin (0.33mm) sheet of glass is easy to apply to your iPhone, without the frustrating bubbles of plastic screen protectors. Through a careful 10-step process and more than three years of experience in product development Avanca created this incredibly strong, yet flexible 3D glass protector. The 9H (Mohs scale) scratch-free surface of the glass is extremely hard and easily resists keys, coins or even a knife.

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Edge to edge protection

The new iPhone models are equipped with curved edges. Avanca ToughGlass Nude protects your device from edge to edge. Our ultra-strong layered glass protects your device better than any other screen protector. Most screen protectors these new iPhone models do not cover the complete surface of the screen, which makes the device highly vulnerable to damage.

Seamless and transparent

The back and both sides of your iPhone are protected with the transparent case you simply ‘click’ around your iPhone. This case is especially developed for iPhone and is fully transparent, so you hardly notice your iPhone is covered with a protective case and the beautiful design of your iPhone isn’t sacrificed. The (charging) ports are protected as well against dust and dirt.

Do you want to use your own case? Try Avanca 3D ToughGlass for exactly the same edge to edge protection, without the transparent case.

In case you accidently drop your iPhone, Avanca ToughGlass Nude absorbs the impact of the shock, so your screen does not split or break and the phone remains scratch free.

Avanca 3D ToughGlass is covered with an oleophobic coating to remove smudges and finger prints easily.

What is the difference between Avanca 3D ToughGlass tempered glass and a plastic screen protector?

Plastic screen protectors usually glue to your screen by an adhesive such as static electricity. Applying one of these plastic sheets can be a frustrating and time consuming task and almost impossible to do without leaving one or more air bubbles. Avanca 3D ToughGlass has a special silicone adhesive side. After cleaning the screen of your device, you simply place this silicone side on your screen and it will automatically ‘glue’ itself to the screen. Your touchscreen will stay as touch sensitive as before and you get a natural feel while operating your iPhone. Even the edges of your smartphone remain as touch sensitive as before.

Avanca ToughGlass Nude is available for:

Model Color (case always 100% transparent)
iPhone 7 black, white
iPhone 6, 6S black, white

What’s in the box?

  • Avanca 3D ToughGlass
  • Protective transparent case
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Alcohol swab (one time use)
Please contact our support staff if you have any questions before or after purchasing this product. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions!